Hello! My name is Caryn and I work with all humans to remove all blockages that are holding them back in life! We all have stories that we tell ourselves.

Have you ever said, " That is just how I am."  I bet you have!
This is due to the stories that we have told ourselves, or from the way we were raised and the survival patterns we have created within ourselves.

You are not alone in this, we ALL have done this and will continue to be this way until we decide to stop and do things differently!

We have so many things that are happening in our subconscious mind behind the scenes that are cock blocking us without us even knowing it is happening!

So lets change that here and know!  Are you ready to be the best version of you?  Ready to face your highest self and surrender to the healing process?

I have many different options and payment plans to be able to assist everyone in the grow thnd healing process. Enabling you to grow to your fullest potential and glow like the start that you are!

Ways to work with me

*These can all be done via zoom or in person*
  • NLP Decondition session - In this session we work together to remove and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We do goal setting, clear emotional stagnation and so much more! Sessions like this help you be the best version of you! You will feel more in your power, look like your truest version of you and enjoy a feeling of lightness.
  • Hypnosis - This is a way for us to connect to the subconscious mind. This is not mind control or anything like that. I get you into a relaxed state so your mind and body will better receive the story we create for your subconscious mind.
  • Reiki - This is an ancient healing modality where I work with your chakras and clear and more stagnant emotional blocks. You will leave feeling blissed out, calm and rejuvenated.
  • Rejuvenation Days- We spend the entire day together blending all the modality magic together to help you crush limiting beliefs, release emotions and be the best version of you! This includes a spa day and lunch!!  *If this is done via zoom there will not be a spa day*
  • Breathwork- This involves a two step mouth inhale and exhale. This is a beautiful way to release so many things. You will receive the exact experience that you are meant to! You have complete control over the experience, as we will set an very clear intention from the start!
  • Skin Care Services- I have been specializing in skin care for 13 years now!  I customize your facial to make your skin glow in the dark!
  • Wellness day- This is a half day with me, where we do breathwork, hypnosis, reiki and a sound bath!! Soo good!!

What people are saying!

The Time technique was a learning experience for me providing a better understanding of myself and my life. The Hypnoreiki, my first time with anything like this, was astounding. I was astonished to feel the energy moving around, within, and through my body even though she did not even touch me. It actually felt like my chair was moving or my body was moving around in my chair! Wow! I felt a soothing tingling in my ankle that was broken decades ago and still gives me problems and in my abdominal area where I seem to have issues. Towards the end, I saw undulating lines of light in front of my eyes (my eyes were closed) and then an indigo flash of light that I saw in my forehead area, again with my eyes closed! When my session was finished, I left feeling a lovely sense of calm and grounding that was not there for me previously and lighter emotionally. I am really looking forward to my next session. Caryn is incredible. I highly recommend her and give ten stars!

— Marsha
We Did a Deconditioning session. This was my first time doing anything like this. My purpose for the session was to clear emoition blocks and regain acceptance of myself. I left the session feeling like I took my power back. I will be doing sessions every two weeks with Caryn.

— Zach
Caryn was amazing. We are across the country and I could feel her positivity. She got me to relax deeper then I have in ages (I have two under four so that doesn't happen top me a lot) If you are looking for a reiki session look no further!

— Kateri
Rejuvanation Day!!
Rejuvanation Day!!
This is a magical day filled with subconscious reprogramming and so much more!! Helping you be the best you possible!!


Please feel free to email me at caryn@sugarplumskincare.com
or visit me on Instagram at Carynkcoaching.

Our Office Location

7565 Mission Gorge Rd,
SD, CA, 92065
*By Appointment Only*

*Distant Appointments available*
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